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Who We Are

We Are Guided by UN SDGs

The Green Growth Asia Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in Malaysia. We are dedicated to supporting, promoting and driving strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in emerging economies in Asia. Based in Malaysia, we work in partnership with other like-minded organisations regionally and internationally, directly and through many strategic partnerships.
We base our own strategy on the direction and guidance provided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Our programmes and projects work towards achieving selected SDG indicators. In order to reinforce the link between our work and these indicators, our programmes and projects establish their own indicators that are linked to the SDGs.


We believe that previous models of economic growth are no longer suitable as environmental pollution, natural resource depletion and over-population issues are casting a shadow on the future of Asia. We believe that Asians must embrace, advocate for and promote green growth development that balances environmental sustainability and social inclusivity. Being sustainable is not only about being green, it is ensuring that we in Asia are able to adapt and cope with our daily lives.


We apply a stakeholder-based approach that demonstrates as the most effective way to mount a successful response to the increasing sustainability challenges faced by cities and communities. We actively pursue opportunities for city and community stakeholders from Asia and the world to come together and consider the challenges arising from a range of sustainability themes and more importantly, the inclusive measures and solutions available to them.

The stakeholder network that we continue to build is naturally focussed around cities and communities as our targeted impact areas and consists of key stakeholders ie Central & Local Governments, City and Community Municipal Organisations, Financial Institutions and Academia.


To promote a green growth agenda to all urban and community stakeholders through programmes, projects and activities that advance sustainable solutions in the form of knowledge, cutting edge technology and innovative financing based solutions.


To achieve economic growth that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable where society fully embraces a green lifestyle.

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Whether you represent central or local government, a local municipal authority, a private sector organisation, academic institution or are promoting sustainability solutions we want to hear from you to explore how we might partner together.

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