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Rising to the Challenge

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and ICLEI have played a catalytic role in the formation of Green Growth Asia Foundation, believing that it will fill the knowledge, green growth project intervention and advocacy gap that they perceived currently exists in striving to promote a new green growth model for development in Asia.

The Green Growth Asia Foundation now works to fill this gap by playing a strategic role as a powerful network of partners; providing deep thinking on pioneering green strategies, policies and projects; acting as an effective mobilising force; and in designing and implementing highly effective programmes and projects across well defines themes that achieve desired outcomes.

A powerful network

We serve as a conduit for our partners to reach a powerful network of governments, cities, universities, financing institutions, private sector organisations and even communities. This represents an inspiring resource for the development of green growth thinking, strategies, projects and advocacy.

Our network of contacts is extensive, far reaching and global. ADB remains a strong supporter of our work and we have access to their wide-ranging financial expertise and contacts globally. Through ICLEI we also have access to 1,500 cities, towns and regions around the world committed to building a sustainable future. Through our partnership with IMT-GT University Network we have access to around 40 universities in Asia. Impressively, through our partnership with IMT-GT and BIMP-EAGA we have worked with governments and their bodies and agencies in 5 countries across South East Asia.

Deep thinking

The journey towards a new Green Growth Paradigm is pioneering in its nature and we provide a strong think tank capability to conduct in-depth deliberation of the types of green strategies, policies, methodologies and projects that are required to complete this journey and attain a green growth vision for our future.

We achieve this from within. Our Advisory Committee consists of university academics, research experts, international sustainable development bodies and local government green technology implementing agencies, including access to all their respective international and local networks and knowledge base. This provides us with a platform not just to gain a deep perspective on each specific development theme or discipline, but importantly, on how to bring these disciplines together to translate academic and high-tech thinking into accessible and practical solutions for society.

A Mobilising Capability

At the heart of our approach is a mobilising capability that brings stakeholders seeking to make a response across a wide range of economic, social, environmental and education themes into contact with private sector and academic solution providers and their technologies and methodologies.

We work in collaboration with established and well known institutions within Asia and globally. We have been particularly successful in exploring international institutional partnerships, especially with top think tanks, technical solution providers, the investor community and development financing institutions. Green Growth Asia Foundation acts as a facilitator for green initiatives of City Councils or Urban Local Bodies, as well as serving as an implementing arm for the specific projects under Green City Action Plans (GCAP) in the region. In addition, we introduce stakeholders to innovative green financing solutions and business models so that budgetary constraints do not become a barrier to securing our green future.

Project-Centric Interventions

We identify, design and implement our own projects often in collaboration with international strategic partners that share our vision for a particular intervention and desired outcome. Crucially, our pioneering projects serve to demonstrate solutions that convince others to follow in their application elsewhere.

We develop and undertake our own green projects. The project could also be identified by a third party, but we will provide leadership by completing a detailed gap assessment analysis, which will provide a strong basis to design and implement an effective project that achieves the desire outcomes for stakeholders. All of our projects are underpinned by a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation system that enables us to gauge project performance and document results for the upscaling and replication of the project in other locations. In the case of large projects, we typically undertake these in collaboration with a strategic partner, which might also include adopting a PPP approach.

Green Finance Solutions

Green projects find it hard to secure finance. We step into this gap by working with private, government and international financing institutions to develop innovative funding mechanisms and business models for green projects. This work is crucial to unlocking the full potential of green investment and the implementation of green interventions that will generate gains for our environment.

Experience shows us that there is not a lack of innovative green programme and project proposals. However, it is clear that a vast number of these projects fail to be implemented primarily due to a lack of available finance, either because the funding does not exist for innovative green projects or the promotors themselves are not able to access available funds. Asia’s infrastructure needs are large and continue to grow. ADB’s report on Meeting Asia’s Infrastructure Needs (2017) projects a need for about $1.7 trillion every year from 2016 to 2030. With such a large scale infrastructure requirement, there is a risk that this infrastructure will do more harm than good if projects do not take into consideration the detrimental effect they can have on the environment. This provides the imperative to develop and make available a new range of innovative green financing solutions that will ensure all projects are capable of encompassing green and sustainable elements that protect the environment and its resources

Education for Sustainable Development

We believe that sustainability based education and awareness initiatives represent a powerful tool to achieve green growth, a sustainable economy and a healthy environment. By teaching people at an individual level about the physical environment and just how fragile and indispensable it is, we can begin fixing the problems that threaten it. With changing attitudes and behaviour people make better lifestyle choices and naturally become aware of the growing market for sustainable and socially responsible products and services.

This initiative also provides an effective platform for us to reach out to the seldom heard people in society, who are often underestimated in their ability to bring about change. We are therefore intentional in creating projects that are aimed at primary school, secondary school and higher education students. Projects that reach out to these young people also draw in teachers, lecturers, parents and community leaders. So, the impact is ultimately much wider than the initial target group.

Our Partners

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