Our Operational Framework

We adopt a project-centric approach in terms of leading and supporting an effective response to the wide range of sustainability themes being tackled by cities and communities. We strive to influence a project’s design so that it can be scalable and replicable in other locations.

In this way, initial cutting edge initiatives serve as demonstration projects that envision others on what can be achieved and in so doing encourage them to make a similar response, but with the support and experience of those who went before.

The practical outworking of our project-centric approach

The following describes in practical terms how we might work with you in each of our three chosen project types:

Facilitating implementation of Green projects proposed by Multilaterals,
Financial Institutions or Governments

We help facilitate the implementation of green initiative projects under the Green City Action Plan prepared by ADB, the Action Plan prepared by ICLEI for low carbon living, the pilot projects of Melaka Green Technology Corporations, and similar projects by City Councils in Malaysia.

We partner with reputed NGOs, institutions, professional experts or grassroots agencies to implement projects. Large projects will be implemented with the partners and collaborators through a PPP framework. Green Growth Asia Foundation will ensure quality delivery by appointing qualified experts to manage every project separately and overseen by our own project management team

Every project will focus on: Preparation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR), selection of site, selection of implementing agencies, target beneficiaries, implementation supervision, monitoring and reporting. These will be well established and communicated to the client.

Green projects developed by us based upon a Needs Assessment

We also develop projects on our own. These projects typically respond to the findings of a gap analysis of urban areas across a range of thematic categories such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, green living, sustainable urban development and social inclusion, among others. This leads us to identify critical green projects.

Our green projects will be conceptualised and developed in-house. In the case of large scale projects we will seek strategic partners and collaborators, potentially within a PPP framework. Smaller projects will be implemented with the help of our panel of trusted NGOs or Consultants.

In both cases, our own project management team will be developed at the project site with the partner institution. Monitoring and reporting will be conducted on a periodic basis by our project officers, and where appropriate, by third party monitoring experts.

Green projects submitted to us by consortiums, third parties and individuals

Green Growth Asia Foundation represents a strong project implementing body and therefore actively encourages projects to be submitted by consortiums, third parties and individual.

We will scrutinise and assess projects on the basis of environmental sustainability. We will provide technical advisory, if required to strengthen the proposal. In some projects, we may only be requested to grant funds. In these instances, we may not be required to open project offices, unless felt necessary during assessment.

However, where more involvement is required, we will create the project office (as the project management unit) at the project site with the lead partner of the consortium. Oversight of the implementation progress, with monitoring and reporting will be conducted on periodic basis by Project Officers.

Our Operational Framework
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