Our Partners

About Our Partners

Green Growth Asia’s strength lies in the network of strong, dedicated and inspiring partners in Malaysia and within the international community, for without them many of our projects may not have reached so many recipients, our mobilising role may have had to work harder for a longer time to be completed. We realised from the beginning that our vision, mission, projects, goals and targets can only be successfully implemented and achieved with the help and assistance from our partners. For your faith in us, we thank you immensely and hope to continue the momentum we have together in bringing Green Growth to Asia.

Malaysian Partners

University Putra Malaysia
GGAF & UPM signed an MOU for rainwater harvesting and research for YRE programme.
Hang Tuah Jaya City Council
Research arm on rainwater harvesting for GGAF’s YRE programme.
E-ijau Millenium Explorer
Co-host youth programmes
The Datai Pledge
Programme partner for YRE and Eco-Schools Kedah
Eco-Schools Malaysia & Turtle Conservation
MBI Kedah
Strategic partner for Eco-Schools Kedah
Rainwater harvesting programme supporter
Strategic partner for youth programmes
ECM Libra Foundation
Sponsor for YRE Programme
RCE Melaka
Hosted under Global RCE Network to run ESD programmes in Melaka
Kumpulan Pertanian Kelantan Berhad
Strategic partner for Eco-Schools Kelantan
Yayasan Sime Darby
Eco-Schools Programme Sponsor
Asia School of Business
GGAF signed an MOU with ASB to run Maker Lab programme
Sustainable Business Network
Association Malaysia
GGAF signed an MOU with SUSTNET to run Green Project Management training
Yayasan Aman Jewa
YRE Heritage Programme Collaborator
Management & Science University
GGAF signed an MOU for eco-campus programme and YRE
Malaysian Fisheries Department
Programme partner for turtle education programme and sea turtle lighting project
 My Community Grant provider

International Partners

United Nations Environment Programme
Eco-Schools was identified by UNEP as a model initiative for Education for Sustainable Development. UNEP signed a MOU with FEE to support ESP and listed under UN ESD.
World Tourism Organization
International Organisation pledge to support the programme.
Young Masters Programme
Knowledge partner / Bank The Young Masters Programme on sustainable development, YMP is a global web-based education and learning network. It is open for secondary students and their teachers from all over the world.
Eco-Schools Global
Eco-Schools Global is an international programme on environmental and sustainable developmental education for schools. It is being implemented in over 50 countries around the world, including Malaysia.
Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
International Organisation pledge to support the programme.
Foundation for Environmental Education
Custodian and developer of Eco-Schools programme.
Knowledge partner and subject matter expert in baseline development
The GEF Small Grants Programme
Funding partner for SEA Turtle friendly lighting project
Keep Scotland Beautiful
Strategic partner for Climate Ready Classroom programme
GGAF is member of RCE Global for ESD
GGAF signed an MOU for eco-campus programme
Universities Syiah Kuala
Signed MOU for Eco-campus Programme and ESD Projects
IHS ERASMUS University
GGAF signed MOU for Green management training programme
Circular economy programme collaborator
NASA Climate Science Education
Knowledge partner for Climate Ready Classroom programme