Our Projects

An exciting portfolio of project

Green Growth Asia Foundation has an exciting range of programmes and projects that are already underway for 2018. We believe these demonstrate the diversified approach that we take to achieve our vision and goals and make green growth a reality in Asia and beyond.

Our projects also demonstrate how we bring local stakeholders into contact with highly respected strategic partners from Asia and globally that share our passion for the work that we undertake. The results are successful, scalable and replicable programmes and projects that employ state of the art approaches and solutions and are designed and implemented to an extremely high standard.

Here are a few of our showcase initiatives, which we hope you will find motivating, either to pursue something similar where you are or to contact us to explore how we can work with you on your own project.

Training, Seminars and Publication

This programme aims to support interested parties with a range of knowledge-based products and services. Training sessions and seminars are … Read More

International Conference and Expo

The Solutions Towards Sustainable Communities Biennial Summit (STSCS) and EXPO 2018-2022 is planned to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia … Read More

GHG Carbon Inventory and Eco Budget

A programme that provides support to local governments in the preparation of GHG Carbon Inventory calculations using the Harmonized Emissions … Read More

Eco-Schools Programme

This is an exciting programme that aims to make young people aware of the environmental and the sustainability issues that … Read More

SMART LED Street Lighting

A US$45 million programme that replaces traditional street lighting with smart light-emitting diode road lamps. The programme will reach out … Read More

Energy Efficiency for Buildings

A US$100 million programme that secures energy efficiency in buildings. The initial phase aims to work on 95 government buildings … Read More