Strategic Framework

Our Responses

As Asia races on in economic development, a corresponding response must be made to balance the depletion of natural assets in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Green Growth Strategic Framework Overview


Education For Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development will empower people to change the way they think and work towards a sustainable lifestyle and future.


Partnerships For Sustainable Future

Economic growth is being pursued through a green growth agenda focussing on Partnerships with communities, authorities, subject matter experts, legislators, businesses, everyone everywhere.


Green Living For Sustainable Lifestyle

Society is fully included in the benefits of economic growth leading to eradication of poverty, better living standards and enhanced well-being brought by green living and a sustainable lifestyle.


Green & Resilient City Development

The Environment is healthy and is not being depleted or adversely impacted by economic or social development. Population centres are resilient to adverse climate changes and have put in place sustainable practices.


Responding through our Green Growth Strategic Framework

In order to mount an effective and intentional response to the global challenges of unsustainable economic development, our Foundation is responding across a broad range of economic, social, environmental and education themes to support countries in Asia achieve their own green growth goals and vision. This is being achieved through the implementation of our Green Growth Strategic Framework.

The development of our Green Growth Strategic Framework has been a thought provoking journey that has brought home to us and our strategic partners just how multifaceted our responses must be to truly bring about developmental growth in a responsible, equitable and sustainable way.

Imperative For ESD & SDG

In broad terms, the SDG identify key thematic areas of action that when pursued together will lead a global transformation from a current situation where the world’s natural resources are under threat from unsustainable development practices.

Structural challenges like, high population growth, extreme poverty, environmental crisis and climate change and urbanisation each contribute to an unsustainable pull on the world’s natural resources. ESD represents a crucial means by which the SDG messages, goals and targets can be disseminated widely.

3 Strategic Approaches

We adopt 3 mutually reinforcing Strategic Approaches to ensure that our Objectives and Goals are achieved. In essence, these represent strategic ways of working. Each approach provides a different dimension to the manner in which each individual Pathway is pursued. They influence the design of strategies and projects in each Pathway