Training, Seminars and Publications

This programme aims to support interested parties with a range of knowledge-based products and services. Training sessions and seminars are available across a broad spectrum of sustainability and green growth themes. It is also possible to design and implement a tailor-made training session or seminar based upon a client’s specific requirements. This is where we can really add value by drawing upon both our own experience and those of our local and international strategic partners and strategic experts.

We are also starting to consider ways in which to document and publish the projects that we undertake and the crucial lessons learned from them. We have a deep conviction that these experiences need to be circulated widely to encourage further discussions, provide insight for those considering similar initiatives and, more generally, to advance the global quest for green growth solutions.

Eco-Schools Programme
SMART LED Street Lighting
GHG Carbon Inventory and Eco Budget
Online Green Diploma Certification
International Conference and Expo
Energy Efficiency for Building