Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To achieve economic growth that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable where society fully embraces a green lifestyle and way of working.

Our Mission

To drive a new green growth model for development through strategic collaboration with governments, academia, the private sector, development institutions and communities that creates and implements sustainable solutions in the form of knowledge, cutting edge technologies, innovative financing projects and education to secure economic opportunity and an improved quality of life equally for all while sustaining natural resources and the environment.

Our Goals

We view a goal as an outcome statement that defines the short-term and medium-term change that has been achieved as a direct result of our interventions and projects. The collective change across all of our goals work together to make the long term impact described in our vision.

The following goals represent the outcomes that Green Growth Asia Foundation is working towards in Asia:

  1. Economic growth is being pursued through a green growth agenda.
  2. Society is fully included in the benefits of economic growth leading to poverty eradication, higher living standards and enhanced well-being.
  3. The Environment is healthy and is not being depleted or adversely impacted by economic and social development.
  4. Education for Sustainable Development has empowered people to change the way they think and naturally work towards a sustainable green lifestyle and future.

Green Growth Entry Points and Pathways

Each one of our goals focusses on a specific theme and therefore each goals incorporates its own individual set of strategies that are designed and targeted to achieve the desired outcome for that goal.

We view our Goals as Entry Points into Green Growth Pathways for mainstreaming green growth into development policies and measures that will be outworked through programmes and projects. Ultimately, each Pathway represents an individual roadmap for progression within a theme; to transition from a current situational context defined by thematic challenges into a preferred scenario of sustainability as expressed in the Goals.

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Our Green Growth Strategic Framework
Entry Points & Pathways
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