About Us

Green Growth Asia Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that provides a platform for leadership, thought and action in responding to sustainability challenges in Asia. We are taking a lead in promoting a new growth strategy that strikes a balance between economic development, social inclusivity and environmental sustainability.

What We Believe

We believe that previous models of economic growth are no longer suitable as environmental pollution, natural resource depletion and overpopulation issues are depleting natural resources and casting a shadow on our future.

Instead of focusing merely on economic growth, we embrace, advocate for and promote green growth development that takes both environmental sustainability and social inclusivity into consideration. Being sustainable isn’t just about being green, it’s also making sure that we are able to adapt and cope with our daily lives.

Come, find out more about Green Growth and why we are such strong advocates of this exciting new way to achieve economic and social development for all!

Our Work

Come journey with us

Whether you represent central or local government, a local municipal authority, a private sector organisation, academic institution or are promoting sustainability solutions we want to hear from you to explore how we might partner together.