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Malaysia is blessed with a diverse marine ecosystem; it houses four of the seven total world sea turtle species, namely the Hawksbill, Green, Leatherback and Olive Ridley. Almost every state with access to the coastline receives annual marine turtle landing, especially in Terengganu, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak.

Human interventions over the last few decades have significantly impacted the world sea turtle population. In most cases, the perpetrator is unaware of their actions; the cycle of unaccountability continues to hinder the progress of sustainable development.

In addition to the known causes of the population decline, such as the illegal poaching and habitat loss; light pollution emitted from the beachside property has often been neglected despite having a direct effect on the survival hood of the species. Sea turtles possess a different ultraviolet light tolerance level as opposed to a human.

This project helps accelerate the deployment of sea turtle-friendly lighting on all known nesting sites. The Melaka state government and other relevant agencies can utilise the project data in preparation of a feasibility report for the state-sponsored street lighting project for all major public beaches; producing a compelling case for the total conversion. The participating agencies such as the Green Growth Asia Foundation, WWF-Malaysia and the Tenaga Nasional Berhad can use the project to promote their expertise and further enhance their ability to work innovatively. The cooperation forged will allow an opportunity for future collaboration.
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