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Giving the Youth a Voice for Environmental Advocacy

GGAF empowers youth in individual climate action — a single act can help save the planet.

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GGAF is an expanding community of diverse individuals united in their passion for
fostering sustainable growth and environmental advocacy.
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Green Growth Asia Foundation, known as GGAF, is an independent civil society organisation based in Melaka, Malaysia, that specialises in the advocacy, localisation and realisation of United Nations sustainable development agendas through mental reengineering in the area of education, social and inter-level cooperation — ahead of the critical milestones for humanity, the decade of action 2030.

GGAF envisions a future where the youth are empowered to take individual climate action, promoting green growth and contributing to global efforts for a sustainable future. GGAF’s multifaceted approach includes initiatives such as Climate Change and Environmental Education (CCEE), strategic partnerships and a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting standards.

Through collaborative models involving corporate, governmental as well as community stakeholders, GGAF aims to create a holistic impact, driving positive change in line with national and global sustainability targets. With a firm commitment to inclusivity, transparency and environmental responsibility, GGAF is at the forefront of shaping a resilient and sustainable future for generations to come in the region.

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