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Circular Economy Programme

The Circular Economy Programme was open to 70 students and 10 facilitators, with the collaboration of Toyota Malaysia. Held in two parts, the first part saw Toyota contributing used tyres as a recycled material in the school environment. SK Cheng school garden was the recipient of these tyres that were used as planters. The second part of this programme was a study tour which was integrated with the International Eco-Schools Conference. GGAF took 80 students to the UMW Toyota Motors to attend a session on Waste Management in the Automotive industry. In this tour, the students learned about the new Hybrid Camry vehicle, and waste segregation in the service centre, servicing methods and technologies that UMW Toyota uses.

The circular economy educates students on how to move beyond the linear “take-make-dispose’ model of production and consumption to that this is regenerative. By engaging students in circular economy learning, students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to build a system that works for society, economy and the environment.

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