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Melaka Eco-schools Rainwater Harvesting Project

Rainwater tanks have been an integral part of the Malaysian landscape. Yet, large cities, including Melaka have not fully taken advantage of these simple structures. With recurring water crises and changes in climate, the importance of rainwater tanks is paramount. The Hang Tuah Jaya Local Council became the first local government authority in Melaka to promote the use of rainwater tanks in all the schools within their jurisdiction. To facilitate this, the Council in partnership with GGAF has planned to install rainwater tanks in selected schools. The project involves continuous simulation modelling to determine the appropriate tank volumes, based on factors including water usage patterns and available roof surface areas for harvesting. Numerous outcomes were recorded, not only in water savings but also in fostering water conservation awareness and behaviour in the younger generation.

Six schools were selected to undertake the simulation in three phases with Universiti Pertanian Malaysia assisting GGAF and Hang Tuah Jaya Local Council in formulating the research plan, conduct the study and publish the research report.

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