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Melaka Environmental Week

The Melaka Environmental Week was held on 23 & 24, 28 & 29th December 2020, organised by GGAF and strategic partners comprising Melaka State Government, Ministry of Education, and Perbadanan Teknologi Hijau Melaka (PTHM). It is an educational initiative towards sustainable development and topics were selected with the goal of bringing awareness on present day challenges on the environment to the younger generation. A total of 77 students from 41 schools participated in this successful program. The programme was conducted virtually through an e-learning portal that was speci´Čücally developed for this purpose.

Topics presented comprised Introduction to Environmental Pollution Issues, Air and Water Pollution, Marine Conservation, Solid Waste Management, Food Waste Management and culminated in a quiz. PTHM sponsored the prizes for the quiz winners.

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