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Rainwater Harvesting Project Launch & Project

The purpose of this project is to create an enabling environment for mainstreaming sustainable water management in schools with a focus on rainwater harvesting. Basically, the project aims to harvest rainwater from school roofs to reduce the water bill, educate school children on the methods used to adapt to climate change, raise public awareness on rainwater harvesting as a means of mitigating water problems, and share the water harvesting experience of the schools with other organisations.

Two hundred students and 25 teachers converged at SK Chabau to learn the methods of rainwater harvesting. Five schools in Melaka have installed a rainwater collection and harvesting system which collects rainwater from the school’s roofs, stores it for use in flushing toilets, cleaning, irrigation of greenhouses and indoor planters.

Ultimately, the schools saved on monthly water bills, which has been re-invested in the school, the water harvested at the school is being used for the school gardens and during times of water shortages. Overall, teacher and students have enriched their knowledge on climate change.

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