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Training In Food Composting & Vermi-composting

The training in food composting and fermi-composting was held at SMK Bukit Baru attended by 62 students and 21 teachers from 19 schools around Melaka. Trainers from two local organisations, namely SWcorp and MBMB demonstrated how to divert organic waste going to incinerators or landfills and turned into compost. Students learned that composted food wastes can be recirculated in a closed loop system in the vicinity where the food waste was generated. The training was designed to help school community composters full implement the collection and composting of food scraps. Held in the school gardens, the training showed how food waste composting could help in budget savings and prevent resources from being wasted. Participants went home with tools and tops to start a new compost operation at home and advocate for food scrap composting in their communities.

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