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Empowering Perak’s Youth through the Eco-Schools Malaysia Programme

Green Flag Award Ceremony Celebrates Sustainability Champions

IPOH, PERAK, 14 AUGUST 2023 – The Eco-Schools programme, a groundbreaking initiative developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), is fostering a generation of green ambassadors through its innovative project-based learning approach. In Malaysia, the mantle of this visionary programme is carried by the Green Growth Asia Foundation (GGAF), which proudly celebrates the achievements of nine outstanding schools from Perak in a remarkable Green Flag Award Ceremony.

Daniel Schaeffer, CEO, FEE said, “I’m deeply impressed and inspired as we celebrate Perak’s nine exceptional schools for their eco projects, exemplifying a brighter, more sustainable future. My heartfelt congratulations to each school. I also applaud the GGAF for spearheading these vital initiatives in Malaysia.”

The Eco-Schools programme’s transformative power lies in its project-based learning methodology, propelling students to become passionate advocates for sustainable practices. The Green Flag Award Ceremony, a pinnacle event on GGAF’s calendar, applauds the exceptional endeavors of Perak’s schools in the realm of sustainability. These schools have gone above and beyond in implementing creative and innovative eco projects, showcasing their dedication to creating a greener future.

Dr. Balamurugan Ratha Krishnan, Chief Executive, GGAF said “I take great pride in celebrating the outstanding achievements of 9 Perak schools. Their innovative eco projects showcase the essence of the Eco-Schools programme, and GGAF is honored to drive this initiative as the national operator. Perak’s leadership in advancing the Greening Education Partnership emphasizes our shared commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Among the distinguished recipients is SJKC Siputeh’s inspiring contribution to sustainability. Confronted with the challenge of a muddy area at their school compound’s front, a collaborative journey unfolded, showcasing unity’s transformative power. The students, the principal, the school governing body, Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG) and dedicated staff joined forces to create a captivating mini zoo—a sanctuary that transcended aesthetics, fostering student well-being. Simultaneously, their “Projek Maju bersama Global (SDG)” initiative underscores their dedication to global sustainability goals. Collaboratively covering a school side with a massive poster, students and teachers unwaveringly raised awareness about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, embodying their proactive role as change-makers dedicated to education and advocacy.

CAPTION: A school visit to SJKC Siputeh by Green Growth Asia Foundation (GGAF), Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), MB Inc Perak and Perak State Education Department

CAPTION: SJKC Siputeh’s Andersen Mini Zoo project and “Projek Maju bersama Global (SDG)”

Another shining example is SK Kuak Luar, whose projects spanned the realms of upcycling and biodiversity. Their “Upcycled Candles” project saw students transforming used cooking oil into charming candles, demonstrating creative repurposing. The students also created the “Dragon and Tacunan Garden” which enriched the school environment with not only dragon fruits and Tacunan coconuts, but also corn, lemon and hybrid guava plantations, contributing to temperature regulation. 

CAPTION: SK Kuak Luar learned about upcycling used cooking oil to make candles with an expert from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and planted dragon fruits in their school compound

Equally remarkable is SJKC Bukit Merah’s Eco-Enzyme project. This initiative demonstrated a commitment to combating food wastage through the creation of a multipurpose liquid produced from organic waste fermentation. Through a process of meticulous organic waste fermentation, these young eco-champions harnessed the power of nature to craft a versatile and multipurpose liquid known as eco-enzyme.

CAPTION: SJKC Bukit Merah students learned how to make, store and use eco enzymes

Haji Fakhrul Nizam Pakhruddin, Assistant Deputy Director, Student Development Sector, Perak State Education Department said, “We stand firmly behind the Eco-Schools programme. It has proven to be an invaluable tool, nurturing not only eco-consciousness but also fostering holistic and healthy development in our young minds. We believe that by cultivating sustainability at the heart of education, we are empowering our students to become responsible global citizens.” 

Crucially, the Green Flag Award Ceremony is not just a celebration of student achievements—it is a testament to collaborative efforts for a greener future. The support of MB Inc. Perak, which graciously sponsored all winning schools including 11 others, underscores a shared commitment to sustainable practices. This partnership resonates with the visionary call of Perak Ruler Sultan Nazrin Shah, emphasising the shared responsibility of greening the entire state. MB Inc. Perak’s dedication takes tangible form through the “Perak Bumi Lestari” initiative, aligned with the Eco-Schools programme, to foster sustainable practices throughout the state.

Anuar Zainal Abidin, CEO, MB Inc, said “As a passionate driver of this initiative, we empower schools to cultivate eco-consciousness, infuse green values into their ethos, and inspire students to become environmental ambassadors.”

CAPTION: Congratulations CEO of Foundation of Environmental Education and stakeholders with award recipients at the Green Flag Awards Ceremony

As the Green Flag Award Ceremony shines a spotlight on these exceptional schools, GGAF and its partners reiterate their unwavering dedication to empowering Perak’s youth to be change-makers in the journey towards a more sustainable future.

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