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Kedah Eco-SchoolsProgramme Launch

As the result of successful implementation of Eco-Schools Programme in Melaka and attributable to the satisfactory outcome, GGAF expanded the programme to other states. The Kedah Eco-Schools Programme was officially launched by the Former Kedah Chief Minister, Dado’s Seri Utama Mukhriz bin Mahathir at the Alor Setar branch of the National Science Centre. The 3-year …

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The Carbon LiteracyWorkshop

GGAF collaborated with Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council to conduct the Carbon Literacy Workshop in August and September 2019 for both primary and secondary schools at Dewan Seri Bendahara, Melaka. The workshop was based on two modules which comprised introduction to climate change and carbon calculations, as well as the baseline development. Through the workshop, …

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The Zero to MakerInnovation

The Zero to Maker Innovation Competitions project (Z2M) was launched in Kedah (Z2M Kedah) organised by GGAF and Asia School of Business (ASB) in collaboration with Menteri Besar Kedah Incorporated (MBI Kedah) as a partner to support the implementation of the umbrella IE Programme. MBI Kedah represents a highly strategic partner for the successful implementation …

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YRE Training : Fight Against Food Waste

The Young Reporters for the Environment Malaysia Training was conducted at Universiti Putra Malaysia attended by 57 Environmental Health students. The session aimed at raising awareness among the general public on how to take action towards building sustainable and resilient communities. The programme’s 4-step methodology comprises investigation, researchingsolutions, reporting and disseminating of findings. The workshop …

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Padang Kemunting BeachClean-Up

GGAF conducted a beach clean-up event along Padang Kemunting beach. It is the most frequented nesting ground of the hawksbill turtle in Melaka. In Peninsular Malaysia, the shores of Melaka are the most frequented nesting grounds for this species with Padang Kemunting recording the most numbers of nesting sites. Supervised by their teachers, students who …

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Eco-Schools Summit Melaka2019

The Eco-Schools Summit Melaka was conducted on 16th & 17th July with the purpose of providing a platform for schools to work towards achieving Eco-Schools awards and also address bigger sustainability issues within their environment. GGAF collaborated with the Eco-Schools Melaka Committee in partnership with UPEN Melaka to organise the summit. The summit presented engaging …

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YRE Environmental Pitching

The YRE Environmental Pitching provided opportunities to young people to chive out their opinions and take a stand in what they believe in. They were able to connect their passion with the solution to a problem, develop a pitch for their solution, and perform the pitch to an audience. Through this programme, students’ creativity were …

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